How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?
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How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?

A transmission plays an important role in the operation of your car. And if the transmission goes, it can be an expensive problem to fix. Luckily, many cars give off warning signs that it needs repair before it completely dies. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what these warning signs are. If you don't know what the warning signs are, don't feel alone. I was once in the same position and ultimately, it caused me to have to replace the transmission in my car because I missed these signs. I created this website to help others identify when it needs to be repaired. If you notice any signs of a problematic transmission, head to a repair shop quickly to save yourself a lot of money!


How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?

Take It Easy On Your Transmission In The Winter

Diane Bishop

When you think winter and car trouble, you probably think about the battery. Very cold temperatures and batteries tend to not go well together. If your battery is weak, the cold air can drain it very fast. However, that's not the only issue you can run into with your car in the cold. The cold can also cause problems with your transmission. However, there are things that you can do to help your transmission do well in the winter. 

Avoid Idling

Your impulse is to run out and start your car and run back into the house while you finish getting ready. Sure, that will let you have a nice and toasty warm car when you finally come out of the house and leave, but you can end up shortening the life of your transmission. That's because many transmissions don't start any kind of lubrication flow while the car is in park. It's not until the transmission is shifted into gear that the gears and pieces of the transmission start to get the lubrication they need. Until you shift into gear, those pieces are just bare metal rubbing together.

If you don't want to get into a car that has an ice cold engine, you do have options. One of those options is a block heater. While these show up more on diesel vehicles, they can be used on any car. The heater gets plugged into the wall and then attached to your car. You can get a timer that will turn the heater on at the right time so that your engine heats up slowly and is nice and toasty when you are ready to leave. 

Get Slippage Checked

If it feels like your transmission is slipping when it switches in between gears or is taking a little more time than it should to really catch the next gear, it could be because the seals are hardening because of the cold. The transmission seals are made out of rubber, and rubber doesn't particularly like the cold. The seals can start to harden, which can cause transmission fluid to leak from the transmission, making it harder to for your car to switch from one gear to the next. 

The winter can be hard on all parts of your car. It's important to make sure that you take care of everything from bumper to bumper to make sure that your car stays running all winter. Contact companies like Alberta Transmission Service for more information.