How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?
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How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?

A transmission plays an important role in the operation of your car. And if the transmission goes, it can be an expensive problem to fix. Luckily, many cars give off warning signs that it needs repair before it completely dies. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what these warning signs are. If you don't know what the warning signs are, don't feel alone. I was once in the same position and ultimately, it caused me to have to replace the transmission in my car because I missed these signs. I created this website to help others identify when it needs to be repaired. If you notice any signs of a problematic transmission, head to a repair shop quickly to save yourself a lot of money!


How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?

4 Tips To Save Money On Auto Repairs

Diane Bishop

Unfortunately, vehicle repairs are a regular part of owning a vehicle, but this doesn't make them any more pleasant. For one thing, you might worry about how much auto repairs affect your budget, but there are ways to cut costs. If you're looking to repair your vehicle without spending more than you can afford, try these tips for saving money on auto repairs.

1. Find Out if Your Warranty Covers It

Don't assume that your warranty will not cover your repairs. Call your warranty hotline or someone from your car dealership to find out if your necessary repairs will be covered by your warranty. Not only will this allow you to have your repairs done for free, but you'll probably also be given a rental vehicle to drive while your car is being fixed.

2. Ask for Potential Discounts

You never know if you might qualify for a discount if you don't ask. Many auto repair shops offer discounts for military members, senior citizens and those who are members of certain groups or organizations. Don't expect them to ask or give you these discounts automatically; instead, you should always ask to make sure that you aren't missing out on a good deal.

3. Bring Your Own Parts

Don't assume that the repair shop will get the best deal on parts. In many cases, you can save money by buying your own. Ask about the exact parts that you need, and get a price quote from the repair shop. Then, call around and look for better pricing. You might be able to find a better deal on new parts online or at local auto parts stores, and you may even be able to find good used parts at a local salvage yard. Parts can be the most expensive portion of an auto repair bill, so it always pays to try to find a better price.

4. Skip the Dealership

Don't assume that you have to take your car to the dealership for repairs; in most cases, any auto repair shop can do the work for you. It's always a good idea to get quotes from multiple car repair shops; a lot of times, you'll find cheaper prices if you steer away from the big dealerships.

Auto repairs can certainly be expensive, but you don't have to spend more than you can afford. If you give these four tips a try, you might be able to save more than you think. To learn more, contact City Radiator Service Ltd