How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?
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How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?

A transmission plays an important role in the operation of your car. And if the transmission goes, it can be an expensive problem to fix. Luckily, many cars give off warning signs that it needs repair before it completely dies. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what these warning signs are. If you don't know what the warning signs are, don't feel alone. I was once in the same position and ultimately, it caused me to have to replace the transmission in my car because I missed these signs. I created this website to help others identify when it needs to be repaired. If you notice any signs of a problematic transmission, head to a repair shop quickly to save yourself a lot of money!


How Do You Know if You Have a Bad Transmission?

Simple Car Maintenance Tips

Diane Bishop

Simple car maintenance can help to keep your car from breaking down when you least expect it. Staying on top of things and doing regular maintenance checkups can also save you money in the long run as the car will run more efficiently. Here is a simple list of maintenance tips that you can do on your own.

Keep Coolant Filled

Coolant is necessary for the engine to be able to operate at maximum efficiency and it cannot operate without it. Consult with your owner's manual to see where the coolant reservoir is kept underneath the hood of the car. Coolant is extremely hot while the engine is being operated so you cannot check the coolant levels until the car has been sitting stationary and not on for a couple hours. There should be markings inside where the coolant is stored to tell you if the level is low and you should add additional coolant.

Check The Battery Terminal

The car cannot operate with a dead battery so it is important to check the terminal every month and make sure the contacts are clean. Unclean contacts on a battery will not allow current to pass through which can cause complications with other mechanical items on the car. To clean the contacts disconnect the battery from the car and gently clean the contacts with a wire brush to remove rust or other debris that is on or surrounding the area.

Check Tire Pressure Once A Week

Tire pressure has a direct relationship with the fuel consumption of your car. Tires operating with low tire pressure force the car to work harder which causes the vehicle to expend more gas each time you drive. You should check the air pressure on your tires once a week to ensure that the tire pressure does not dip down below the recommended pressure.

Following the tips outlined above will help keep your car operating at maximum capacity, but you should always take your car into a professional mechanic shop (such as AutoRx Repair Centres Ltd) to have it tuned up every few months. A professional mechanic will have the knowledge and training to be able to fix almost all types of cars and mechanical issues that will cause your car to break down. Having your car tuned up is the best way to prevent problems from starting and it will save you money in the long run as your car is always mechanically up to date.